On the Road to the Funky Eclectic?

So you remember I told you I grew up in a house with white walls?  Well, my walls aren't white, but they are still neutral-colored.  My intention was to spice it up with splashes of color.  Then life happened, and I didn't quite get around to finishing.

Recently my mother, who is learning my design style more each day, gave me a magazine clipping of a room that took my breath away.  It was so me.  Now I'm not going to "recreate" the room as it was pictured - what fun is that?  But I will make my space feel the way I felt when looking at my inspiration piece.

Remember the online quiz that assessed my design style?

Your style is Funky Eclectic.

Anything goes. You don't like matching anything. You have bought or obtain furniture very discriminately. You only have in your home what you truly enjoy. You like a variety of prints and textures but you usually have the artist's eye that makes it work well together. You have old and new furniture and accessories. You may collect and display items no one has heard of. When you entertain, you mix a wide range of people - the more diverse, the more entertaining. Some people just don't get your style but you really don't care. You may have grown up in a traditionally decorated house and now you want anything but traditional in your home. Your decorating challenge is to pull all your belongings into a cohesive look while keeping your eclectic style.

Let's start with slip covering this 1970s couch that I inherited and adding some color with my recently gifted pillow case, all stuffed and ready to go.

My whole life living at my parents I only remember two couches - the black leather one and this one.  It's so old and ugly and soooo comfy!

I think I'm getting excited about some form of transformation.  Let's help this design style come true.  :-)

Happy Crafting,


  1. I love that pillow! Where did you take the quiz? I was looking for something like that to figure out how I wanted to decorate my place. I think I am traditional eclectic... (if there is a such thing)


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