Fourth Day Celebration (of sorts)

We're not the "grilling" type, so we cooked in on today.  Actually my mom did.  It's been a while since I've had a home-cooked hamburger, and really there's nothing like it.

This was our dinner.  You noticed correctly - that is not a bun (well, not a hamburger bun) lol.
My mom made a pot of baked beans from scratch!  Yes, she started with a fresh pot of navy beans and went from there.
Fresh tossed salad.  I love English cucumbers - no seeds!
Although I don't eat watermelon anymore, for my parent's it's a summertime necessity.
And strangely enough, even though the thunder is roaring, I can still hear fireworks.

Bon Appetit,


  1. Food looks yummy! Why don't you eat watermelon???

  2. @ Ayana: Nowadays, I just prefer firmer fruits. I like peaches and nectarines before they are dripping in juice, crunchy apples, and bananas before they're overripe. I guess I'm kinda weird like that. lol

  3. Oh my Libby!! You've got to stop blogging such mouth watering photos. I love how vibrant your photos are to say the least.


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