Craft Room Makeover: Phase III

So, the makeover is a bit of a slow go.  Some things take time, especially on a shoestring budget.  Ok, so what's new?  The floor is practically empty.  A recent change allowed me to move my bookcases in.  That only means more things off the floor and on a shelf!  And let's just say, it's a cleaner space in general.  And yes, the closet is still organized.  Different, but organized.

If you'll notice, you only see three walls so far.  I've still got some "stuff" underneath the window on the fourth wall.  It's not crafting stuff, but just stuff.  It's either got to find a new home or a new trashcan to dive into.  lol

My plan:  once I finalize getting stuff off the floor, I can focus on the walls.  Oh, joy!

To see Craft Room Makeover Phases I and II, go here.

Happy Crafting,


  1. whoa!
    I came on here and saw the new (site)changes...very nice!
    Oh, to have a whole room to myself to craft...jealous!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Love your site this way and what a tidy place you have.


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