The Whole Food Experience

The last couple of days I've been in the capital city for business, but I looked forward to this trip for several reasons - one being that I would finally get to go to Trader Joe's.  I've been to several health food stores, but mostly they have been independent, expensive, and limited with wonderful/knowledgeable employees.  Go figure.

I looked forward to all the wonders that Trader Joe's had to offer...until I went to the one in the capital.  It was nice, small, with lower prices than the independent stores, and still limited.  Very limited.  Not to worry, I did get a moisturizing shampoo.  (Yeah, I'm completely out of shampoo/shampoo bars, and my last wash consisted of me washing my hair with a castile facial soap - thanks Lisa, you made a great versatile bar!  My hair felt wonderful!!!)  But I still needed a shampoo to have on hand.  So I got this one:

[Image Source]

I also purchased some much needed jojoba oil.  I meant to get a bottle of Soyaki sauce - the sample I tasted was so delicious!

[Image Source]

Well, I won't give up on Trader Joe's.  There's a huge one in Chapel Hill.  It's just that in our capital, Whole Foods is king!  So I went to a brand new, super wonderful Whole Foods before leaving.

This is just a sample of what I saw:

I managed to get the chia seeds I want to try, measured out a small portion of millet, and purchased a serving-size of a vegan protein mix.  (What I learned from one of the associates there is that soy is very mucous-causing, much like dairy can be for some people!  I don't knowingly have any food allergies but I've been wondering if dairy is the culprit behind my crazy sinuses.  I thought switching to soy milk was a good thing, but maybe it was making it worse.  Humm... Not trying to be gross here, but I'm just saying.)

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I do wish that I lived closer to a store like this, but I do have a confession to make:  Sometimes I'm intimidated in these health food stores.  It seems like the shoppers have a certain look, like super natural, super healthy, like they probably recycle everything even when no one's looking type of look.  I'm not sure I fit the bill, but in the meantime I'll pretend.  :-)


  1. Sounds like you had an adventurous trip, fun trip!

  2. You are so funny talking about WF shoppers have a "certain look" - LOL, I guess that depends on your location. My WF has a variety of characters!!! BTW - I made that cereal from the Healthy Foodie w/ all the oats, millet, chia seeds, etc. Is that what you're making? I didn't like it that much...but I also used unsweetened cocoa. Anyway - WF trumps TJ's in experience any time for me!

  3. @ Monique: Yes, that's the dish I want to make. I was planning on modifying it a bit, particularly with the carob chips. I also may have to leave out a groat or two. :-) I hope the modified version tastes ok. It sure has been an adventure searching for ingredients.

  4. lol! Although, I feel pretty comfortable (if not a cheap skate for buying little to nothing) at my Whole foods, I think I know what you mean about 'the look'. But it is mostly around the Afrocentric Vegan circle here...


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