Vintage Napkins and More

I made an Etsy sale at the end of last week.  Now the vintage napkins are on their way to Texas.  The thing is though, as I kept looking at the seams, I could not let them leave my shop as is.  Yes, when I listed these napkins they were listed as a vintage find, but since they still represent my shop, I had to fix those seams.  So on yesterday I made nice with my seam ripper and then restitched the seams myself on today.  Now I feel good about letting them go to their new home!

Restitching seams...
Chunky twists.  Sporting my new summer shirt, thanks to a shopping trip with mom yesterday.
Peasant shirt up close.  I love this style and I particularly like how this one doesn't fall off the shoulders.
Just in case you wanted to see the completed napkins.  Here they are!
p.s.  Had a productive first part of my needed shopping trip.  More on that later.

Happy Crafting,


  1. Congrats on the the top; one of my fav styles too!

  2. Congratulations on the sale! I would have restitched them too. By the way, you look really pretty with your new hairdo and shirt! :-)

  3. I love your hair and shirt Libby! So summery. I really need to get back to sewing. There are a few projects waiting on me, not to mention a quilt that needs to be finished by August!

  4. Cute shirt! I bought something similar when I was in Greece a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait to wear it.

  5. Love how that blouse looks on you! and about re-doing the seams... It would drive me bonkers to send something badly sewn too, :D great way to diferenciate yourself from other sellers by the quality of your items... even when they are vintage!


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