Two New Listings

So my two friends who are also willing model subjects for my Etsy listings are BOTH preggers now.  So, I  had to force myself to become my own model.  These coverups were just listed in my shop today!

Handcrocheted Magenta Coverup, Size Small

Handcrochted Leaf Green Coverup, Size M/L

Etsy Photo Tip:  Learned this from somebody's blog tip - Shoot wide and crop to 8x8".  That will make your thumbnail shots simply perfect.  What I did in these shots is just that and then I resized the pixels to 640x640 so that the pictures would upload quickly.  Hope that helps.  I'm tired of cropped out thumbnail images.  :-)

Happy Crafting,


  1. Pretty net ponchos! Bold colours do look wonderful on you, my friend. Good luck with the listing! :-)

  2. Love the bright summery colors you used Libby. You are quite the model. :)

  3. I love them, so pretty. The magenta is my favorite!

  4. @ Alhana, Ayana: Thank you!

    @ Kar: You are too kind. It was hot. I think the neighbors were wondering what I was doing...again. I hope they don't think I'm vain. lol

    @ Shevon: The magenta's my favorite too. :-)

  5. Very pretty Libby! You make a great model!

  6. Libby - you better work it, looking like a model!!! I LOVE that first color - very nice piece!

  7. @ Mo: I learn from the best! And, I finally got a shutter release cord.

  8. Both these colors are gorgeous Libby! Great job modeling! ~Val


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