Pleasant Surprises

When I returned from my short trip, two pleasant surprises were waiting for me in the mail.  One from New York and the other from the Netherlands!

The New York Surprise:
A little while ago, Cassandra Bromfield [Etsy Link] of Cassandra Bromfield, an independent company where you purchase all things bridal - custom bridal, posted online that she was purging her scraps.  Imagine that.  Of course I replied that I would love to be a recipient of her scraps.  Can you just imagine what might arrive?  As I told her, "other people's scraps are better than your own!" and I still believe that's true.  Well, this week the shoebox of scraps arrived and I was in awe of the silkiest pieces of fabrics and all the colorful designs stored inside.  Take a look.  Thanks, Cassandra!

I'll never understand how Cassandra packed so much in one shoebox.  Skillz!

The Surprise from the Netherlands:
The day after Cassandra's scrap box arrived, another package arrived - this time from the Netherlands.  I've never received anything from that part of the world before, so I was overjoyed when Hydi of stof enzo decided to send me some Dutch love.  All the pretty ribbons, and postcards, and then my very own zippered pillow case!  Hydi has amazing fabric sense and I've always loved how she combines patterns.  I will be searching for the perfect pillow form for this one.  Thanks, Hydi!

Happy Crafting,


  1. Is there anything better than going through a box of scraps and finding all those wonderful pieces? Not sure. And all those brightly colored pretties from the Netherlands are awesome! Lucky girl. :)

  2. Ohhh so sweet! Lovely! And how great from Hydi!

  3. Hi Libby, ofcourse i like this post:) You lucky girl! Enjoy your weekend!


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