Match Point

Well, probably not technically, but it is for me at this point of this knitted project.  For every project I create, I always set these miniature goals like stopping on a certain number row or completing a color change.  In this case, I just wanted to get through the second skein.  The end of the second skein represents the halfway mark.  The place where I know that every row past that point will be a little less knitting and that much closer to the finish line.  Well here I am, at my personal match point.

At this point, I'm allowed to start or continue working on a new and different project...which I have.  *wink*

Happy Crafting,


  1. Goals throughout a project are important Libby. I do it all the time.

  2. Yes, you are allowed. I give you my permission! lol
    I have never knitted a blanket. This looks like an easy pattern and oh! the yarn is so beautiful!
    I think we all have our little goals. As Kar said, they are important.


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