The "Man Apron" Complete!

Today I finally could get back to my *man apron*.  I ended up having to rethink some things and actually cut out a pattern from my freezer paper.  No need in scratching my head for the next ones that I make.

I used my newer machine.  I'm glad she acted right this time.
I can never find my pin cushion.  Maybe I don't really have one.  Anyhoo, I used this toy.  This is no indication of how I feel about Valentine's Day....well, maybe.  lol

This project requires lots of ironing.  I mean lots.
And lots of pinning!
Look.  I even made my own bias tape.  First time!  I didn't even use that bias tape maker thing.  Just folding and ironing.  I learned this new technique for strengthening the tape too.
Gotta thread the strap.
Bottom Line - Use what you have.  I used a tunisian crochet hook and a safety pin.  Gotta use it for something.
One thing I hate is turned up hems, which are probably inevitable.  My solution for this project was to create a deeper hem.  Hopefully it won't do this.
And here is the finished product.  Please disregard the whopsided manequin.  I hope to get a better photo with my uncle wearing this.
I even added one of my Etsy shop tags, even though this is a gift.
Now here's the thing, my uncle's wife is a professional seamstress.  This could be good or it could be bad.  But at least if anything goes wrong, she can fix it!

I really enjoyed this project and look forward to more apron-making in the near future.  I've already got some fabric lined up.

Happy Crafting,


  1. It looks great! I am sure he will love it!

  2. That apron looks great Libby - Brava!

    PS - I love that you've been calling it the "man apron" - it cracks me up!

  3. I love it!!! and the name as well!
    and I really really liked it that you added your tag. It makes it look so professional and neat!

    now, your pincushion cracked me up! you are giving me ideas! I have several really small bears that would serve beautifully as pincushions!


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