Knitting On the Go

I got a little off my apron-making task when I realized it was getting closer to my doctor's appointment.  I left my fabric aside, grabbed the first WIP I could get and headed out the door.  What did I grab?  My circular knitting needles.  I'm working on a baby blanket.  Why?  Just because I decided to try and make one with this very soft cotton yarn I already had on hand.  Don't you just love the colors?  The yarn was originally meant to be a market bag, but I think I'll love it as a blanket that much more.

Ooh, check out that lint on my skirt!  Good thing I went straight home afterwards.

Guess who's not even a Tarheel fan?  Yep.  That was the only clean shirt I could find.  Everything, I mean everything, was in the wash.

A Closer Look:

Another camera phone pic.  The color is way better in person.

p.s.  I'll get back to the *man apron* in the morning.
Happy Crafting,


  1. Making things for babies; nice! Love the colors you use. I sent your parcel last Friday to you. I´ll hope you will get it this week

  2. Beautiful colors! I wish I was a knitter. It is such a perfect past time when waiting around! ~Val

  3. @ stof enzo: I can't wait!

    @ Miss Val: You can be! I find it a lot more convenient than toting a sewing machine. lol

  4. Oh that is a lovely blanket!!!!!!!


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