Henna Is the Business

I tried my second henna application recently and loved it!  This time I used a henna with additional herbs.  The scent was very "herbal" for a lack of a better word, but my hair loved it and that's what matters.  I used the same recipe as before, but since I had almost 150 grams in this package, I shared it with a friend.  Yeah, we hennaed our hair over lunch.

Can you tell my hair has grown since my last henna treatment?
That rich red color made me a bit curious about changing my hair color....NAH!
This time the henna mix stayed on for about 6 hours and the color was much richer.  Photographing that would not be sufficient so you'll just have to take my word for it.  My grays were a richer coppery color and my hair now has a slightly brown tint.  I can say though that spritzing lightly with water on a regular (despite what I may have felt about water and my hair texture), using Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Smoothie, and my new Natty Butter has been a very lovely routine with a moisturizing effect to boot.

This is not the henna I used, but it was like this one.  Mine had 7 herbs, but this has 9.  I'm sure two more can't hurt.  :-)

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  1. You are so brave to color your hair Libby. I have never tried it for fear of having some God awful color afterwards that would keep me in the house for 2 months. :)

  2. @ Kar: My hair isn't really colored. Since my hair is naturally black, the henna (after it's washed out) only leaves the gray hairs colored and the lighter black hairs have a slight tint to them that you probably can only see in the sun. I'm not that brave. In my next post, you'll see my hair as you remembered it. lol

  3. cool! I've been considering henna, especially with these stubborn grays, but I haven't tried it yet because I like my hair deep black. I do like the new foam haircolors though...a lot less messy. But I'm drawn to the natural...it's a dilemma. I'm sure yours looks lovely.

  4. I really want to try henna but, you have to leave it on for sooo long. I'm just way to impatient.

  5. I would love to try henna on my hair. I have a lot of stubborn grays and drugstore brands aren't quite covering it! ~Val

  6. @ Yetunde: Jet black hair is cool! I've considered doing a henna treatment with indigo mixed in. We'll see.

    @ Yellow Rose: It's not so bad, you just mix it up the night before, apply it in the morning and do lots of housework. lol

    @ Miss Val: I'm telling you. I think this henna is contagious. One of my coworkers is trying it this week who has hair the same texture as yours. Her hair already naturally has some reddish highlights so this should work beautifully. She tested it on a strand in the back of her hair this weekend just to be sure though. It's worth a shot and chemical free. :-)


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