Discovering the *Man Apron*

Some time ago, I went on a quest to the neighboring county to find some manly fabric.  My uncle is hosting a "Family and Friends" event this coming weekend and I want to present him with his own *man apron*.  He's a master chef in his own right and deserves to have some coverage.  I'm also kinda tired of him using my granny's aprons when necessary.  Gotta give the man his own.

The only fabric store around here is a place called "Not Just Linens".  It's a warehouse that sells mostly designer home furnishing materials at the same basic price and waaay cheaper than the original manufacturer would sell it.  So I perused aisle after aisle looking for the perfect manly weight and manly print.

I finally found what I was looking for (no not the prints on the left, the one on the far right - lol) and headed home.

Today I started thinking about the dimensions, style, that I wanted.  I'm still thinking over a few things, but in the meantime here's where I am.  The straps are cut, the body of the apron is cut, I'm playing around with the idea of either one huge 2-part center pocket or two separate pockets.

Be back soon to show you the finished product.

Happy Crafting,


  1. Great choice, I think he'll be very pleased.

  2. That's going to be great! Good choice for a guy.

  3. Like the fabric! and I drooled when I saw those aisles and aisles of fabric!


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