Bentonite Clay Mask

So, as promised I will give you the details of my Bentonite Clay Mask treatment.  First off, let me fill you in on a little secret:  I'm a real low-maintenance person.  I can be dressed and ready to go within 15-20 minutes, even for the important stuff.  Facials were not even in my vocabulary before this post.  And you already know that shopping around for clothes in store after store is not my thing.  So there you have it.  When I say this mask is worth the little bit of time it requires, I mean it.

After washing my face first, I mixed equal parts of the bentonite clay and water together.  I used a plastic spoon and cup, but I hear that glass works better.  The bentonite clay's purpose is to draw out the impurities so I read that putting it in plastic will only draw those impurities into the clay.  So next time I'll try something different.

Anyhoo, I applied the mask and allowed it to dry for 15 minutes on my face.  I'm so glad I read up on this clay BEFORE applying; otherwise, I would have freaked a bit.  My face felt as if my heart were beating through it.  I literally saw my nose pulsate.  All of this is normal.  I would have laughed, but the mask wouldn't let me.

This is me laughing.  Really, I tried!
After the mask dries, you wash it off with lukewarm water and that's it.  I applied a light moisturizer.  I'm telling you though, my face looked so good!  My skin was so soft.  Like a baby's bottom.  It was amazing. 

I'm using Aztec's Secrets Indian Clay Mask and the 1 pound jar will last for 10-15 facials, which you only do once a week.  Too much would be too drying.  I know mine won't last quite as long because I'm going to make a hair mask out of some of mine.  I love finding multiple purposes for the same item.  Resourcefulness is a good thing.

So What Else is Bentonite Clay Good For?
  • Internal healing - make sure you get the right kind though.  Read more on this here.
  • Basic Facial Mask
  • Healing Mask for acne prone skin and for boils
  • Inflammation caused by injury or illness
  • As a poultice for insect bites (I've got some mosquito bites that need some attention!)
  • Body wraps
  • Clay baths
  • Foot soaks
Happy Healthy Skin,


  1. Hi Libby, Thanks for stopping by my Blog. Great to meet fellow N Carolinias. Really nice to meet you..Anna xoxo

  2. Haha I love your clay face!! This stuff is so great!!


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