Have You Met Savvy Brown?

One woman's journey to a greener, healthier life...on a budget.
The blog, I mean.  I can't remember how I stumbled upon this blog, but it just fascinates me as to how many homemade products she comes up with:  facial moisturizers, air fresheners, eye serums, bath salts.  The list really goes on and on.  But what's one of the best parts?  Everything she makes reflects being on a budget.  What's the point of making everything when the products cost you an arm and a leg?

So, go on and check out Savvy Brown's blog.  You know you want to.  :-D

Want a little snippet?  Check out her post on making your own brown sugar scrub.  

In Living Color

My whole life I grew up in a house with white walls - with the exception of my room and my brother's room.  I had a purple room and he had a blue one.  Then when I got older I moved into the "guest" room....with white walls.  So excuse me if I get a little excited about purchasing items in living color!!!

Aren't these plates just gorgeous?!?  Thrifted finds - $4 total.  And that lovely fabric underneath....My mom picked that out as the fabric for an apron she wants me to make her.  We're moving up folks.

Say "YES" to color!  These are Core bamboo bowls and trays.  Purchased from a closeout store.  Oh, I love Big Lots!

Ok, this is so not related to color, but....  It made my day when my mom looked at my hair today in all it's bushy glory and said, "Your hair looks really good.  It looks healthy."  Mission accomplished!

You should have seen my hair BEFORE I pulled it back with this scarf.  Can we say, hello Angela!  I'll do some chunky twists tonight.  Wearing it out was just a temporary situation.

ETA:  When I showed my mom the thrifted plates, she said, "Wait.  I have that."  Then she produced one more blue plate that she's had for a long time.  Now, I have three.  :-)

Happy Crafting,

Match Point

Well, probably not technically, but it is for me at this point of this knitted project.  For every project I create, I always set these miniature goals like stopping on a certain number row or completing a color change.  In this case, I just wanted to get through the second skein.  The end of the second skein represents the halfway mark.  The place where I know that every row past that point will be a little less knitting and that much closer to the finish line.  Well here I am, at my personal match point.

At this point, I'm allowed to start or continue working on a new and different project...which I have.  *wink*

Happy Crafting,

Two New Listings

So my two friends who are also willing model subjects for my Etsy listings are BOTH preggers now.  So, I  had to force myself to become my own model.  These coverups were just listed in my shop today!

Handcrocheted Magenta Coverup, Size Small

Handcrochted Leaf Green Coverup, Size M/L

Etsy Photo Tip:  Learned this from somebody's blog tip - Shoot wide and crop to 8x8".  That will make your thumbnail shots simply perfect.  What I did in these shots is just that and then I resized the pixels to 640x640 so that the pictures would upload quickly.  Hope that helps.  I'm tired of cropped out thumbnail images.  :-)

Happy Crafting,

I've Been Treasurized!


'In the Aqua Net' by Hilari

Bright, delicious aquas - perfect for summer!

















* Bottom right corner - the little change purse is mine.  :-)  Thanks, Hilari!

Happy Crafting,

I Closed My Eyes and Let It Go...

[Image Source]
All the bits and pieces, tangled ends, assorted scraps....gone!  No, I don't feel bad.  No, I couldn't give it away - I couldn't even pull it apart.  And no, I don't regret it.

Trying to restore some order to this chaos....

p.s.  Don't worry.  I still have loads and loads of useful stash.  :-)

Happy Crafting,

Pleasant Surprises

When I returned from my short trip, two pleasant surprises were waiting for me in the mail.  One from New York and the other from the Netherlands!

The New York Surprise:
A little while ago, Cassandra Bromfield [Etsy Link] of Cassandra Bromfield, an independent company where you purchase all things bridal - custom bridal, posted online that she was purging her scraps.  Imagine that.  Of course I replied that I would love to be a recipient of her scraps.  Can you just imagine what might arrive?  As I told her, "other people's scraps are better than your own!" and I still believe that's true.  Well, this week the shoebox of scraps arrived and I was in awe of the silkiest pieces of fabrics and all the colorful designs stored inside.  Take a look.  Thanks, Cassandra!

I'll never understand how Cassandra packed so much in one shoebox.  Skillz!

The Surprise from the Netherlands:
The day after Cassandra's scrap box arrived, another package arrived - this time from the Netherlands.  I've never received anything from that part of the world before, so I was overjoyed when Hydi of stof enzo decided to send me some Dutch love.  All the pretty ribbons, and postcards, and then my very own zippered pillow case!  Hydi has amazing fabric sense and I've always loved how she combines patterns.  I will be searching for the perfect pillow form for this one.  Thanks, Hydi!

Happy Crafting,

The Whole Food Experience

The last couple of days I've been in the capital city for business, but I looked forward to this trip for several reasons - one being that I would finally get to go to Trader Joe's.  I've been to several health food stores, but mostly they have been independent, expensive, and limited with wonderful/knowledgeable employees.  Go figure.

I looked forward to all the wonders that Trader Joe's had to offer...until I went to the one in the capital.  It was nice, small, with lower prices than the independent stores, and still limited.  Very limited.  Not to worry, I did get a moisturizing shampoo.  (Yeah, I'm completely out of shampoo/shampoo bars, and my last wash consisted of me washing my hair with a castile facial soap - thanks Lisa, you made a great versatile bar!  My hair felt wonderful!!!)  But I still needed a shampoo to have on hand.  So I got this one:

[Image Source]

I also purchased some much needed jojoba oil.  I meant to get a bottle of Soyaki sauce - the sample I tasted was so delicious!

[Image Source]

Well, I won't give up on Trader Joe's.  There's a huge one in Chapel Hill.  It's just that in our capital, Whole Foods is king!  So I went to a brand new, super wonderful Whole Foods before leaving.

This is just a sample of what I saw:

I managed to get the chia seeds I want to try, measured out a small portion of millet, and purchased a serving-size of a vegan protein mix.  (What I learned from one of the associates there is that soy is very mucous-causing, much like dairy can be for some people!  I don't knowingly have any food allergies but I've been wondering if dairy is the culprit behind my crazy sinuses.  I thought switching to soy milk was a good thing, but maybe it was making it worse.  Humm... Not trying to be gross here, but I'm just saying.)

[Image Source]
I do wish that I lived closer to a store like this, but I do have a confession to make:  Sometimes I'm intimidated in these health food stores.  It seems like the shoppers have a certain look, like super natural, super healthy, like they probably recycle everything even when no one's looking type of look.  I'm not sure I fit the bill, but in the meantime I'll pretend.  :-)

Vintage Napkins and More

I made an Etsy sale at the end of last week.  Now the vintage napkins are on their way to Texas.  The thing is though, as I kept looking at the seams, I could not let them leave my shop as is.  Yes, when I listed these napkins they were listed as a vintage find, but since they still represent my shop, I had to fix those seams.  So on yesterday I made nice with my seam ripper and then restitched the seams myself on today.  Now I feel good about letting them go to their new home!

Restitching seams...
Chunky twists.  Sporting my new summer shirt, thanks to a shopping trip with mom yesterday.
Peasant shirt up close.  I love this style and I particularly like how this one doesn't fall off the shoulders.
Just in case you wanted to see the completed napkins.  Here they are!
p.s.  Had a productive first part of my needed shopping trip.  More on that later.

Happy Crafting,