Swimming Along...

Yesterday I finished up this aqua dead eye fish hat.  Now he can swim to London, to his new home.  :-D

Happy Mother's Day!

Speaking of mothers, my two friends from Peru are traveling back home next month for a visit.  I really want to send both of their mothers something handmade.  One friend requested a scarf for her mom, her hubby didn't specify, and so I thought I might as well make two scarves since it will be winter there.  Any suggestions?  Something quick and beautiful, please.

p.s.  I go back to work tomorrow.

Happy Crafting,


  1. The hat is gorgeous Libby! Wonderful colors you used. I'm going to have to give the crochet version a try.

    Glad to hear that you are doing better and will be going back to work. Hang in there dear! :)

  2. That hat is adorable!!! I love the color scheme. The second scarf sounds like a good idea. Everyone loves a handmade scarf! ~Val


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