Pt. I "So Fresh and So Clean!" Soap Edition

Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid when you got new school supplies?  Maybe it wasn't just me, but I loved opening a new pack of paper, using a freshly sharpened or a mechanical pencil for the first time, and writing on the first page in a notebook.  Those days were always happy days.

Just like I loved those fresh packs of paper, I love to be clean.  I don't mind working and getting grunge on my hands or whatnot, but I love the smell of being freshly clean; squeaky clean.  Don't you just love that smell of a freshly washed baby with his/her baby lotions?  Ahh, refreshing.

Because of this quirk of mine, I try to keep my eye open for new soaps or products to try.  Those with a soft scent, but actually work for the purpose intended.  I gave up traditional perfume so long ago, I really can't remember.  Everybody's body chemistry is so different.  One person wears a scent and it smells differently on another.  One person puts a perfume on in the morning and another person has to keep applying all throughout the day.  Perplexing.  [Lisa, if you're reading this, I'm wearing your natural perfume "A Rose in Time" right now and loving it!]  Anyways, sometime during my college days I absolutely fell head over heels in love with oils like sandalwood, lavender, Egyptian Musk, to name a few.

Here are my most current "So Fresh and So Clean!" Soap Edition products of choice:

Shampoo Bars:

[Image Source]
To date, this is my favorite Shampoo Bar (especially now that I've discovered that the Swastika in Hindi means something totally different than I originally thought).  This one bar lasted me from January until just a couple of weeks ago.  Must find more...

[Image Source]
My second favorite shampoo bar, but I much rather use this one as a body soap.  Great lather, but doesn't last as long for me.

Facial Bar:

[Image Source]
This is Lisa's (of Blossoming Tree) Lavender Castile Facial Bar.  Such a gentle, cleansing soap.  Check out her Etsy shop here.

Facial Mask:

[Image Source]
Just discovered it.  Tried it once and loved it!  Apparently you can do this once a week.  Tutorial forthcoming.
* Ok, granted this is not a soap, but since it fit so well with the Facial Soap, I had to throw it in.  Since I don't wear makeup I really wouldn't have anymore to add to a "Makeup Edition".
* Must see how this clay works as a hair mask later.  Just hennaed my hair today so I won't be needing this mask right now.  Gotta do my research first.

General Purpose Soap:

[Image Source]

This is African Black Soap.  The real deal.  The beauty lies in what it does and not how it looks.  lol  I purchase this at an African Market.  It lasts for a long time and can be used for just about everything.

I do use regular soaps as well.  I have to rotate my skin/scalp products if I want them to continue working for me.  I love hearing, "You smell so good!" and knowing that I've only used one of these soaps and an unscented lotion.  My secret is out!

This concludes Part I of the "So Fresh and So Clean!" Soap Edition series.

Getting Squeaky Clean,


  1. I love being clean and smelling pretty too! I don't usually wear perfumes, but love body mists for a slight, all over scent. The facial mask looks fabulous. I love those in the summer! ~Val


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