New Do Take 2

So I wore those twists for about a week, despite the urge to rock a twist out.  I personally don't anyone who has my hair type who takes the time to twist it and untwists it immediately.  Gotta stretch the style.  So last night, despite all of the humidity and rainy season that has hailed upon us, I decided to rock a twist out.  This style can be somewhat unpredictable due to weather conditions and the nature of my hair, so I took some pics for you today.

Glasses on...

Glasses off...
 Wanna see my hair texture up close and personal?  Well, here it is...

Ubber thick and oh so cottony!  Great spring-back action and the length is always deceiving to the naked eye.
And, did I mention I wore my all-time favorite shirt style to work today?  The caftan.  Some people call it a tunic.  It's been my favorite style shirt for so long.  Yeah, I was the kid in college wearing dashiki tops and caftans, just because.  :-)

Bought in the U.S.  Made in India.  You know how we do here in the U.S.  Everything is from somewhere else.  lol
Happy Tuesday,


  1. Our hair is a lot alike and I'm all about stretching a style. I'm a big fan of twist and braid outs.

  2. It looks great! So full! I love twistouts, but my hairs a bit thin, so they don't look this good until they've aged and fluffed up a bit. I guess that's why there's headscarves in the world. :-)


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