Natty Butter

My hair maintenance goal:  To use as few products as possible, as natural as possible, to get to desired effects.

I will admit that I'm always on the prowl for the best, natural products to help my hair remain healthy and become more manageable.  I still have tubs of unused raw shea butter that I will mix, whip, and apply in due time, but there comes a point when you have to realize that it's okay to support others who have a talent for something that you can do, but you choose to let someone else carry that torch.  And I've found that to be true with Dominique's Natty Butter.

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I've seen Dominique's hair videos using her own product and I was impressed and tempted to purchase, but when I realized that she also made a lemongrass/lavender scented Natty Butter I had to click the "Buy Now" button.  Hands down, lemongrass is one of my most favorite essential oils.  And who can resist the calming effects of lavender?

I will admit that I haven't maximized the fullest potential of this product yet.  Okay, I just got it in the mail today.  But I'm so anxious to see how my hair will enjoy it with a full dose.  Blocking off my weekend as I type....

Check out one of Dominique's hair tutorials on banding your hair:

To purchase Natty Butter or learn more about it, visit her blog "Living the Natty Lifestyle."

To learn more about Dominique and view her tutorials and other natural haircare/lifestyle posts, visit her blog "All Things O'Natural."

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