May Length Check

As you know, I've been participating in the 2011 Hair Challenge sponsored by the Moptop Maven.  Life got a little hectic and I took the easy way out and decided to get afro twists put into my hair so I could manage better during that time.  Over the Easter vacation, I took those twists out and noticed my hair needed a lot of TLC and a trim.  Remember the last time I got a trim?  Yeah, it was more like a cut and I was near to tears.  This time I rectified the situation a bit by pretreating my own hair before letting anyone else touch it AND by requesting a shampoo and blow dry BEFORE getting the trim.  At least if a lot of my hair got whacked off, I wouldn't be wondering if a mistake had been made due to the crinkles in my hair. 

I noticed a lot of hair wasn't falling all around me on the floor (to my surprise) and when I looked in the mirror, I was totally shocked!  So apparently my hair did grow since January.  It wasn't a farce. 

Now what have I learned?  It's okay to get professional help periodically, and blow drying before trimming works for me.  (I don't even own a blow dryer.)  I also learned that taking care of your hair while in twists or braids is really important. 

January 2011 Length Check

May 2011 Length Check

Now, I think I'll do some two strand twists.

* Please excuse these camera phone pics.


  1. Your face in the second pic is super cute. Libby - you have some length! I definitely see some progress - congrats!


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