In the Words of Art Linkletter...

So I thought I was going back to work on Monday, but that didn't work out.  I did finally go back on Thursday and this is what happened:

Remember when I left for Spring Break, I looked like this:

But when I returned, I had taken all those afro twists out and twisted my natural hair; thereby looking like this:

Maybe it was because they hadn't seen me in a while.

Maybe it was the flowing broomstick skirt:

Or perhaps the twists:

But I chuckled when a girl who looks just like me said, "Ms. H, are you from Africa?"
Last summer some Jamaicans asked me where I was from, thinking I originated from outside the U.S. and then that same weekend a man in a store backtracked and asked me if I was from Barbados. ????  Um, do I need to trace my roots?  lol

When I returned to work today, another girl dropped a note by my class.  This is what it said:

In the words of Art Linkletter, "Kids say the darndest things!"

To view a clip of Art Linkletter's show, watch the video below.  So entertaining!

Happy Friday,


  1. I love your hair short, although it looks great long too! That television show is so fun to watch. It always makes me crack up! ~Val


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