The Great Noro Reveal

Thank you all for my well wishes.  I am doing lots of napping and in between, some crafting.  Finally blocked this scarf I've been working on, and I love it!  I had my doubts about Noro yarn because it seemed so rough at first purchase.  Maybe it was the year-long wait that softened it up, maybe the more I touched it the more I got used to the texture, or maybe it was in the blocking process.  All I know is that I love this scarf and this one's mine!  (For real this time.)

What I did was used a basic knitted dishcloth pattern -one that starts from the corner up.  I just never decreased.  To keep it closed, I added snaps and when I find the perfect button, I'll tack it on the outside for adornment.  So, no button holes on this one.

You like?

ETA:  Basic Knitted Dishcloth Pattern
Happy Crafting,


  1. It's beautiful Libby! I love the colorway and the pattern!

  2. Would you mind sharing the pattern with me? I have some Noro and I think this is just perfect for it.
    I am sorry to hear you weren't feeling good, I hope things are looking good for you now.
    Did you hear about Gloria's daughter? She's had stage 4 cancer. :o( So, pray for her to get better.
    I am sorry I appear here not very frequently, I do read all of your posts when I stop by though.
    Miss ya.

  3. My goodness girl you have had alot going on...first glad you are feeling better...also congrats on being inducted in the honor society for woman education...that is so cool...happy birthday to dad to..big 64 years just keep on resting and get the new triangle scarf...sending smiles...


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