Every day I look at these afro twists, tempted to take just one twist out until they're all out.  The timing isn't right right now so I must be patient.  I will admit that I've taken out a couple of twists for my hair's own good.  Look at what I discovered tonight.  This baby twist was sprayed with a homemade moisturizer and a small dab of shea butter.  Now I really want to take these out!  *sitting on my hands, fighting the urge*


  1. It's getting longer!!! I am a curly-headed girl too and though my hair is not your same texture, I fight frizzy, dry, breaking hair all the time. I read an article from the "Curl Diva" and she has changed my life and hair!!! No more "poo" for me!!! Just conditioner and moiturizer!!! I'm starting to like my hair again!!! Good luck!!!

  2. @ Caroline: I've been reading about a lot of people enjoying the "no poo" method. Glad you're loving your hair again. :-)


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