Life as I Know It - Weekly Update #2

  1. I took all of the afro twists out. 
  3. I spent some time in the hospital.  On the road to recovery now.

    Fruit Basket given to me from my church.
  5. I rested, rested, rested. 
  6. Celebrated my dad's 64th birthday.
  7. Finished knitting a triangular scarf with the Noro yarn.  Yeah, this one's for me.  :-) [Real pics later.]
  8. Swallowed small round pills.  As a non-pill swallower, this was a major feat!
  9. My cousin graduated from college.  I couldn't go being that I was in recovery mode, but I was proud and happy for her in my absence.  We'll have to plan a girl's day a little later.
  10. I was inducted into an international honor society for women in education.
  11. Worked on my own version of a crocheted brimmed cap.
  12. Did I mention I rested?
* Glad to see some new followers.  Welcome! :-)


  1. Whaat? My blog buddy in the hospital and I didn't know? Pleas know that you're in my thougts now and I hope everything is getting better. Please take care of yourself, there's only 1 YOU!Can't wait to see the Noro scarf!!!

  2. Oh Libby, I didn't know that you were in the hospital either. Glad you are recovering and resting well. Your scarf looks so gorgeous and congratulations on being inducted into the honor society-what a wonderful accomplishment!
    Hope you can get some more rest in.
    Many blessings,

  3. I'm happy you are home and doing well! It sounds like things were a little crazy for you in recent days! Congratulations on your induction. Take care. ~Val

  4. OMG I somehow missed this post about you being in the hospital! I'm so sorry! I'm glad you're doing much better now though and getting rest!


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