My Spring (part 2)

Last weekend I captured a few spring images and I didn't go very far from home...literally to the edge of the driveway and near the foundation of my home.  There are so many small details in your own yard that perhaps go overlooked day in and day out.  My task is to capture them, thereby making the truly ordinary interesting.  I hope I've achieved that.  Here are some of those images.


Happy Spring,


  1. Love all those colors. Is that a crepe myrtle? So pretty! We are starting to see spring colors around our place also. It's such a welcome sight.

  2. I really enjoy your pictures - these are great!

  3. Hey I greatly enjoy those pictures! I love flowers and I think those are Azaleas right? They look stunning? I have some pictures on my blog you might enjoy in this article in particular,
    I am a new Follower on your blog too! Love it!


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