Update: Thrifting, Crafting, and Such

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of visiting a thrift store called "The Grab."  That's the store where my friend Mary scored with all those upholstery samples for 10 cents a piece.  I was actually looking for zippers, which I still couldn't find and is the reason I didn't begin my sewing project this weekend.  But what I did find were these:

Nothing really had prices on it so I was a bit apprehensive, but when I inquired at the register, the clerk said, "How about you pay $6."  How could I resist.  2 cuts of jersey knit, 2 peony printed pieces, a knitting book, 2 sewing patterns, and a partial bolt of upholstery fabric.  Some of the fabric will be gifted out, but I'm really excited about having enough of one upholstery print to make a full bag.

I've been wanting to show you these afro twists for a while before they get to the point where I have to take them out - hopefully I still have a good 2 months remaining.  Fortunately as I was leaving work today, so was another co-worker and she snapped this photo for you all.

Finally, what's on the hook and needles?

Finally I'm doing something with that skein of Noro yarn.  Triangualar scarf WIP.

Baby blanket still in progress..
Happy Crafting,


  1. That was a great deal. I've never heard of The Grab. If there was a store like that near me I'd be there every other day lol.

    Your hair looks really cute. How long is it now?

  2. That blanket is going to be great!!


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