Tying Up Loose Ends + A New Project

Last night I was so excited to finish up the Southwestern Poncho.  I ripped out my new neckline attempts and cleaned up the existing neckline with 2 rows of scs.  Then I handstitched the embellishment in place.  Sometimes simple is just better.

Then, not ready to call it a night, I plundered through my craft closet and came out with the Magic Ball that was given to me last summer.  I hoped there was nothing perishable inside or I would be in trouble.  I was a good girl and crocheted down to my prizes until my project was complete and there still was a little ball of yarn and some goodies still tangled inside. 

Here is the circle scarf that I came up with, based on a new stitch I learned in my stitchery book.

Curious about what was inside the ball?  I found a sweet pea candle, a silver mirror compact, a lavender candle, and the cutiest little bunny rabbit with his own lavender essential oil.  You squeeze drops of the oil on his fur and he becomes a scented cutie.  It's called a Wiffie, and I have "Sleepy Bunny".  It's amazing what similar and different things are found in the UK.


P.S.  Still using up the yarn stash. Hummm...what's next?

Happy Crafting,


  1. I love the poncho! And the simple finishings on it are great. The scarf is gorgeous with the stitch you picked for it. You were one busy, productive bee last night. :) Hopefully you didn't stay up too late. ;)

  2. the poncho and the scarf turned out wonderfully!
    its great to have those late night crafting sessions (:

  3. Love that poncho. The embellishment looks perfect on it!

  4. You did such an amazing job with the poncho!!! I love the stitch in the scarf too! I have never seen these bunnies before. What a great idea...and oh so cute! ~Val


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