Purposeful Purchasing + A Springtime Project

Recently I purchased this yarn cozy from Siam Square on Etsy because (1) I love her work and (2) She is using a portion of her proceeds to aide Japan, her home country. So, win win.

[Source:  Siam Square]

As soon as the cozy arrived, I immediately placed my current project inside. Soon my project was too large to fit in the cozy so I decided to finish it up; thereby making room for another project which resides in the cozy as I type. You like the way I think? :-)

Here is the finished project made from my mercerized cotton stash that I received from CT in a swap hosted by Alessandra last spring apparently two springs ago (has it really been that long?). I am contemplating making a decorative clip since the necklace is not included. In fact I borrowed it just for these shots.  We shall see.

It's a capelet shawl that actually reaches your elbow.  When I can find a model, I'll take some pictures on an actual person.  This of course will be listed in the shop.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Love the cozy! The shawl is so pretty.....and the color is fabulous! ~Val


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