Project Remodel/Rearrange: Caribbean/Latin Inspired Kitchen Makeover {Tutorial}

It's highly possible that you have the right pieces in your home, but perhaps in the wrong spot.  Even though my home is sparsely decorated, mostly because it takes time to decorate on a slim budget to match your personal style, I still had particular ideas about the theme for each room or space.

Case in point, in my foyer I had decided that it would be a space to remind me of a trip I took some years ago to New Mexico.  I had long since been a fan of chimineas, and found one seriously marked down at the Garden Ridge a while ago.  Since then the decorating in that space has been sort of stagnant.  Meanwhile my kitchen/dining area seemed to be taking shape, but there are still things lacking on the dining side.  Tonight I decided to move the chiminea in there.  And guess what, I think I like it.  After that move I decided to take down a piece of wall art I created from an embroidered cloth from Mexico and am contemplating placing it on the faux stone hearth behind the chiminea.  I'm trying to bridge my kitchen/dining area so it looks like one cohesive space.

**** The Kitchen Remodel
[View My Stool Tutorial Here]

**** The Addition of the Chiminea and the Wall Hanging

The kitchen remodel has been done over time.  And as you know in your home, it's never a finished job.  One day I hope to be fortunate enough to replace those 1970s countertops.  lol

I'll post an Easy Peasy tutorial on how I made that wall hanging in another post.

Happy Decorating,


  1. I love the bright bits of color you added to the kitchen. I do know what you mean about it taking time to get things just how you want them when you are on a budget. It will all come together one day. :)

  2. Libby, you brought a lot of life into a very monotonous looking kitchen. The splashes of analogous colors really work for me. Do I sense a little interior decorating running through your blood?

  3. WOW - I love the colors in the new kitchen, they're vibrant and welcoming - perfect for cooking and eating, my favorite place in the house!

  4. O-M-G! I thought I was the only one that had the knotted pine tongue in groove paneling (not really lol) I love what you've done, and it gives me hope for my kitchen which I've been terrified to paint, but now can't wait to dig into!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for visiting my page!! Little Bitty Damn Houze!


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