As If You Didn't Already Follow Enough Blogs

We craft bloggers follow other blogs for a variety of reasons.  Some because we've formed some kind of bond with the other blogger and we're interested in anything they post.  Some because we share the same craft and we're looking for the next great craft idea.  Some because we're drawn to how great whatever that other blogger is known for making.

Now if you're anything like me, you follow a variety of blogs for different reasons and the list becomes shamefully long at some point, so you hide your blog list on your profile.  lol

Well, I wanted to take this moment to share a few really fascinating blogs I've stumbled upon and some that I've bumped into accidentally so many times that I need to just become a follower.

mmm crafts
  • crafting, free tutorials, sewing projects
Nesting Place
  • home decorating ideas, slipcovers and such, giveaways
Pink and Polka Dot
  • home decorating ideas, slipcovers and such
Hello My Name is Heather
  • recipes, kids crafts, sewing, sewing, sewing and great photographs
  • all kinds of crafts; her book is coming out soon!
    This may be all that you can stand right now.  But, if you go here, this blogger has compiled a list of crafts into categories and linked them to other fabulous blogs.  Have fun!

    Happy Crafting,


    1. LOL that is how I am with perfume blogs. I follow so many that I can't read them all in the time I set aside for blog reading. I like craft blogs too so I'll be checking these out.

    2. What can I say? My blog list is hidden for that same reason. lol
      I'll take a look at those blogs when I am back from work. Have a nice day!

    3. I like this. I will go take a look!
      thanks libby

    4. I love looking for new blogs...and much talent out there in this big ol' world....will be checking em out...thanks for sharing....:))


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