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Once upon a time all I knew was Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  Then in just the past two years I've been introduced to all sorts of fibery goodness.  Softer acrylics, wool blends that don't itch me, cottons, alpacas, silk blends, bulky weight yarns, lightweight yarns...the list goes on and on.  And I truly have to thank you, my Flickr, Ravelry, blog friends for introducing me to that.

I'm still learning so much about yarn and that each fiber really has it's on place.  And Red Heart Super Saver isn't always bad, but you just don't have to make everything with it.

Yes, I'm still in the process of destashing, but also in the process of acquiring more but not necessarily from my own expense.  I want to show you some of the yarn lovelies that have reached my home recently.

These two I did purchase because I wanted to try a tweed:

Plymouth Yarn 
"Paca Tweed"

"Silky Tweed"

You already met this beauty, but no harm in sharing again.  Thanks, Cici and Chelette!

Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Then there's this colorful pair.  Thanks, Alhana!

"Fama Plus"

Last Friday, this trio came my way while at work.  All the kids touched it and said, "ooh, soft."  Thanks, Mary!

elann.com collection
"Peruvian Pure Alpaca Fina"

I already have projects picked out for them, but first I'm working on a series of WIPs.  Details to come...

Until then,


  1. Those are nice. I love the feel of alpaca yarn.

  2. All look sumptuous.......my fav is that tweed!

  3. Lovely lovely yarn. I am sure you are going to make beautiful projects with them - and I agree, known yarn isn't bad but you don't need to make everything with it. There is a world full of fibers out there! ;-)

  4. I have to say I have been introduced to some wonderful yarns out there to Libby....I was raised on the Red Heart.....but been messing around with the thick and chunky wool etc...there are some beautiful colors and textures...have fun exploring..:)) have a great week


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