Um, Happy Valentine's Day

Flashback:  I remember sending Valentine Cards as a kid and spending countless moments trying to decide which card in the box didn't sound like I was madly in love with every boy in my class.  No matter how innocent the little blurbs were on the cards, you had to make sure it couldn't be interpreted otherwise.  Ahhh, those were the days.

Confession:  Now, Valentine's Day is basically just a regular day for me.

The Exception:  When you have a profession such as mine, you can't ever forget Valentine's Day, no matter how hard you try.  The kids will N.E.V.E.R. forget.  They will remind you and ask you for a list of names until you give in and send that list home.

The Reality:  The younger the kids, the more fun Valentine's Day is.  Candy, treat bags, Valentine cards for everybody, hugs, and "Happy Valentine's Day"s are said.  The older the kids, the more it's not about just sending cards to everybody and candy hearts and such.  It's more serious.  Teddy bears, flowers, big cards that need two people to carry.  And we're still talking elementary school here.  That's the difference between 8/9 year olds and 11/12 year olds.  8 and 9 year olds do this:

And Sometimes:  You'll have a friend that wants you to feel so special on this Cupid boy's day that they leave a little surprise on your desk at work.  :-)

I could hardly concentrate all day for wanting to browse through this book!

And you'll be glad you wore a little red and showed your spirit and your new hair.

And you'll want to share with your blog friends the little heart blanket that's in the making just because it is Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day All,


  1. What a cute post! Valentine's day is so fun for little kids!!! I miss those days! - ~Val

  2. Aww, what a sweet post. You are doing a great, great job on the blanket. Looks good.


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