Thrifted Finds

Several thrift store visits have yielded these beautiful table napkins.

Handstitched linens.  Embroidered edges.  
Set of 2

Plaid napkins.  Yarny, looped fringed edges.  So 70's.  
Set of 4

Vintage fabric.  Floral napkins.  
Set of 4

I think they're lovely, but into the shop they go!

Happy Crafting,


  1. What?! You're not keeping them? You must! We have some napkins very similar to the linens on your first pic and they are lovely. I hope these poor little things find a nice home soon. ;-)

  2. these are gorgeous, just gorgeous! got me itching to thrift again!

  3. @ Alhana: I love them, but I need to make sure I buy in a certain direction, so I must send them to someone who needs them more.

    @ AfroMartha: Don't do it. Stick to your plan. I'm actually adhering to your advice. Be strong, Yetunde. Be strong!

  4. I love the fringe napkins!!! How fun!! ~Val

  5. thanks Libby! I didn't promise to NEVER thrift again...I'm not that strong, lol. I just not going to buy as much. I do love your napkins though! The vintage floral reminds me of one of the fabrics I just purged, lol. I just loved it, but never used it for anything.


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