My Contribution to Craft Saturday

I had planned on a sewing project. There were two pieces of fabric calling my name from the fabric stash in the closet. I prewashed the fabric and prepped for the project. Unfortunately I live in a place where sewing notions are few and far between. I clearly wasn't going to drive 70 miles for a spool of thread or a zipper, so I put that project on hold.

Instead, I turned on the t.v. and made enough facial scrubbies to finish off my white skein of cotton yarn. Typically when I make a sale on Etsy or receive an order in person, I add a freebie. Facial scrubbies are just one example of a gift with purchase. I figured I'd get the bags of scrubbies ready for future sales. *fingers crossed here.*

Happy Crafting,


  1. Great use of your crafting time! I often include scrubbies in my packages too, just a nice extra somethin' =D Happy crafting!

  2. I too have fabric project that I'm itching to start but need some supplies too! *sigh* Good luck to you too!

  3. Facial scrubbies, how nice! Why did I never think of that? Great idea for a freebie. You rock! :-)


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