Home Decorating Project: Finding My Inspiration

Inspiration can be found in so many places.  Usually, I find mine in fabrics, but this time it was in a piece of pottery.  Some time ago, in 2010, I saw a piece of pottery at this upscale consignment shop.  My eye was drawn to it the moment I opened the door to the shop.  Unfortunately, there was a sticker on the back which meant that the price would never be reduced.  I looked at this piece on a few more occasions, but the price remained the same.  Then I forgot about it.

Lo and behold, my mother did not.  Sometime after Christmas a huge gift bag arrived filled with these thrifted decorations and such, and in the middle of all that, was this piece!  My mom is good for watching an item.  One day she went into the same store and purchased this piece for me.  Maybe it was because she went on a Tuesday and got a special discount.  Maybe it was because there was a new sales clerk who may or may have not known that discounts don't apply to items with a certain color sticker.  Who knows, but now this piece is mine and it will be an inspiration in my home.

So, what is it?  It's a piece of Chulucanas pottery from Chulucanas, Peru.  Most of the pieces of pottery of this style are black and white.  The piece is entitled, "Toro Mata".  "Toro Mata" is a Afro-Peruvian folk song very popular in Peru. I wish I could visit Peru when my friends go this summer, but at least I will have a piece of Peru in my home. 

Happy Decorating,


  1. very beautiful pottery Libby, but what is even more precious is that your mother knew that you liked it and went back and got it for you (:
    Can't wait to see how this inspires your decorating.

  2. A beautiful piece and 100% your style. Lucky you!

  3. It's gorgeous Libby. Good thing your mother kept an eye on it. She's the sweetest. :)


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