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I mentioned earlier that I had been referred to a natural hair salon recently.  After work on Friday, I literally ran out of the building so I could get on the road and make it to my consultation appointment at 5:00.  The drive was an hour and a half.  When I got there, I was pleased by the quaint shop run by two people.  The salon owner was a loctician and natural hair care specialist.  Her salt and pepper gray locs cascaded down her back and gave her this regal look.  They were so beautiful!

She took a look at my hair and there were three instant assessments:  "your hair is thick!", "your hair is healthy," but "your hair is dry".  She listened to my new hair regimen and told me that I was doing the right things for my hair, but I needed to make two modifications:

1) Wash it less.  I wash every weekend, but I need to go to every two weeks.  If I need to clean my scalp she suggested a product like DUDLEY'S Scalp & Skin Antiseptic Shampoo to wipe the scalp clean.

 2) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.  She said oil is not moisture, and even though I know that and I've been using moisturizing products like a hair milk, my hair still doesn't have enough moisture.  I need something that I can apply daily.  So, I did purchase a bottle of oil leave-in conditioner spray to use as a mist daily until I figure out what I will concoct.  I think I already know what it will be.  Until then, I have this spray from Cultured Naturals.

Now I feel I can safely get my hair done in a longer protective style since I know my hair is finally on the right track.

The stylist also said that the shampoo bars were good, and since I'm loving the ayurvedic ones, I stopped by The Vitamin Shoppe and bought 4 new bars at $0.99 each.  The shampoo bar I'm using had a swastik on the labeling that I didn't recognize at first and now I'm wondering what that's all about and where my financial support just went, so I'm opting for the one at the Vitamin Shoppe.  The clerk said she didn't know anything about these bars but that some customers buy 10 at a time.  Must be good stuff!

After I left the shop, I spent hours going to various craft stores getting supplies I needed to finish up several projects.  More on that in another post...

Until then,


  1. Lol, I think the swastika was originally a Hindu symbol meaning good comes form all directions, before the Nazis appropriated and tarnished its image.

    I'm sure (well, I hope at least!) that your moeny didn't go towards funding Neo-nazism.

    Loving the blog by the way!

  2. @ A Simple Thing: I was just discussing this with some friends last night and one mentioned she thought it meant being from "the four winds". Thanks for the info; I do feel better and hey maybe I'll get "lucky" with tremendous growth. lol

  3. You'r lucky to get such good hairadvice!

  4. Thankfully there are hair specialists out there! I hope the modifications work for you! ~Val


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