Craft Room Makeover: Phases I and II

That's what I aim to do!
Some years ago I bought this house and made a mistake.  You can call it "excitement" or "tradition" or whatever, but this is what I did.  I "saved" the room designated as the "formal living room" to be just that (mistake).  My mom helped fill my head with ideas of antique furniture and such.  This is an older home, so lots of DIY work had to be done.  A friend of mine and I started cleaning walls and wall papering in the theme I wanted at the time (mistake) and in our efforts to decorate, we discovered that underneath the yucky indoor/outdoor carpet and equally nasty carpet padding was ....Hardwood Floors!

After painting and wall papering
Discovered the hardwood floors
Do you know that that room stayed just like this for years?  Years. (mistake, mistake, mistake)

In those years, I started discovering more of my own personal style and tastes.  And, although I still very much like my wallpaper theme, it's not my ideal for a craft space.  [Oh, I forgot to mention that last year I decided that this "formal living room" would be better served as a craft space.]  So, in an effort to save (money and time), I've decided to leave the walls as is and to challenge myself to create a space that I can work in and feel is a part of my own style.

My first challenge was to get the place cleaned.  I started last summer with gutting out the closet and creating a craft closet.  Although some of the items have changed, I've been able to maintain the organization of the closet.
Trying my best to keep it organized
Each shelf is basically designated to a different craft form
The top shelf is really a bookcase shelf.  The fabric bins are up there.  Honestly, if I don't use those trashbags full of plastic bags to make the plarn totes, I'm going to have to purge.  I'm getting sick of looking at plastic bags.

There are some corners of this room that are still not that presentable, but this is a work in progress.  I look forward to watching this room transform for literally "pennies" - because that's what I have towards this DIY project.  lol

Got the craft table for Christmas.  I want to make a table skirt and of course clean off the top.  I was looking for something and just dumped the bin on the table.

Some like to store in jars, on shelves, in drawers.  I like baskets - thrifted finds, except that one in the back.  I bought that on a trip in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Happy Crafting,


  1. Good for you Libby! I so know what you mean about getting things together and making an inviting creative space. I'm trying to wrap my head around that same "project". Hopefully some time in the spring I will be able to do that also.

  2. Don't you just love hardwood floors? They are so easy to keep clean! The space looks like it is coming together. The wallpaper is so pretty even though it's not the ideal wall for your crafting area. ~Val

  3. this is going to be exciting! plus this is such a nice large space to work with-love the hardwood floors too.

  4. I cant wait to see it all done and complete....I would love to have hardwood floors...sweep it up and go on to something else....this thing called a vaccum is not

  5. Thanks wonderful Libby. A space just for crafting is what I need. I bet you'll be inspired to do all sorts of projects once everything is in place.


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