The Bag Reveal

I've been working on this custom order bag off and on for a little while now.  I listened and then not being able to find the pattern to match, I ended up making my own bag design.  That's part of what took so long.  Then the lining was another discovery.  I took notes though and I plan on making this bag again.  I'm very satisfied at how it turned out and that the customer likes it, although she hasn't seen it in person yet.  :-)

 Detachable flower pin.

Pretty red lining.

Double pockets and my very own satin label!

The bag itself.

On a side note:  Why is red so hard to photograph?  Gotta find the answer to that one.  I've got something else red to show you, but I'm struggling photographing it.

Happy Crafting,


  1. I love it Libby! Beautiful work! The contrasting fabric is so pretty. I'm sure she will love it! ~Val

  2. The bag turned out great! Love the red lining also.

  3. Wonderful bag! With satin label! :-) And you know, if you need someone to beta test the pattern (if you are planning on selling it) you can count on me.

    By the way, what I find so hard to photograph is purple. It shows navy blue 99% of times no matter what I try!

  4. Absolutely stunning bag! Love the gold/navy blue combo and the way the red lining just pops! Great job!

  5. Love everything about this bag!

  6. You are right, the lining is very pretty! so is the outside of course!



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  7. All I can say is WOW! That bag is truly gorgeous! Such workmanship in the lining! I love the classic lines of the bag too! Kudos!

  8. wow! now that's talent! I can't imagine designing a knitting/crochet pattern that would actually turn out smashing, lol


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