White Beans with Rosemary (Feijão Branco com Alecrim) - Vegetarian

Every now and again, I revisit Rita of the blog Pink Bites.  Rita is a Brazilian vegetarian and has the most amazing dishes.  I love visiting food blogs of international cuisines because it provides so many other options to the often hum-drum of the food you've always known or eat on a regular.

I've been eyeing these beans for a while; kind of curious about what vegetarian beans taste like.  I'll admit, beans with absolutely no meat is foreign to me.  But it's a snow day and I was ready to give this one a shot.

I followed her recipe to the "T" so it's no need in posting modifications.  She specifies that you can use any white bean of your choice.  Although my favorite white bean is navy beans, I opted for great northerns.  I also didn't soak  my beans overnight.  I did it the way my mom taught me - cover the beans with water, bring to a boil, turn the heat off, and let the beans remain in the covered pot for an hour.  After that, you just follow the recipe as normal.

I will say that beans have been a staple in my family.  Although the flavor of these beans is new to me, the process of picking over the beans, washing them is not.  Making this dish brought back memories of when my mom used to give me a pan of dry beans and make me do that job.  She used to put a pot of beans on almost every Saturday morning.  I think part of what makes food good is not just the flavors but the emotional connection that it evokes.  What do you think?

White Beans with Rosemary (Feijão Branco com Alecrim) - Vegetarian
(ingredients - onions, garlic, fresh rosemary, white beans, carrots, salt and pepper)

View Rita's recipe here

* I wanted to sign out in Portuguese but unfortunately I don't know a phrase that is like "Buen Provecho" or "Bon Apetit" in Portuguese.  Can I get some help, Alessandra?  :-)

ETA: Bom apetite!(Thanks, Ale)


  1. Bom apetite!

    I love your recipes, always tasty, I really like the flavors, nothing is ever blend.


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