Rockin' Ski Hat

We were able to crawl out of our homes from the snow and ice to get to work on a delayed schedule and my friend Shelly graciously agreed to model for me.  This Rockin' Ski Hat will be listed in my shop.

Can you believe, this is all yarn stash? :-)


  1. What a great model you have there Libby! The hat is so cute.

  2. Sooo cute!! Three pom-poms are always better than one! :-D

    I wish I could use my yarn stash as quickly as you do. I have received six new skeins from the Christmas swap I took part in... plus ten I won from a draw in autumn. My yarn corner is growing very fast instead of decreasing!

  3. What a cute hat! great job! I just love reading your blog xx

  4. wow...that beauty came from a stash....NICE

    looks great the blue....and your model is cute to....


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