Photography: My Other Love (Part 1)

Ever since I can remember, I've been enamored with the art of photography.  "You can do that later," my mom would always say.  But one day, not that long ago, I realized that later never came.  So, I made a plan.  I would buy my own camera...a professional one.

First I bought a Fuji Finepix camera that mimicked a true DSLR in body, but definitely not in quality.  I took some great images with that camera, but I knew that it would be wasteful to keep purchasing cameras when you have several that work, so a buddy of mine sold it on eBay and I used that money towards saving for the next camera.

I searched through magazines galore, online stores, in stores until I found the design that was perfect for me.  I am a die-hard Canon girl!

First I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel K2 (film camera) off of eBay for literally change.  The girl I bought it from sent everything she had, down to rolls of film and batteries.  I was ecstatic.  But that was short lived, because I knew I needed a digital SLR camera and that really would cost.  So, I started saving in a coin jar.

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About two years ago, I went to a week-long photography retreat in the N.C. mountains and one of the requirements was that you bring your own SLR camera.  Although I had been saving for my camera, I wasn't ready to purchase it.  So my mom gave me a loan and yes, I paid her back - every penny - and I now had a film SLR and a digital SLR camera to take on the trip.

When I got to the retreat, we all realized that we only needed the film camera!  Being the crafty one though, I worked two cameras, taking physical notes for the film camera and trying desperately to mimic those settings in my digital one.  We learned the difference between "taking photos" and "creating images".  We went out on nature walks, stopped at historical sites, visiting the same places two or three times a day to see how the images would change depending on the sun.  I had lots of fun there.

Here are a few film images from that experience:
Queen's Anne Lace

Silhouetted Porch
Wagon Wheel
Although I had taken some online photography courses through the community college, that retreat experience was the real beginning point.

I have more to share, but not in this post.  It's long enough.  Stay tuned!


  1. you have a talent, your pictures are beautiful!

  2. Awesome pics - I really want to get more into the technical aspects of photography - I should take a class!

  3. beautiful photography Libby!
    Photographs should make you "feel" something, or transport the viewer to a "place"- that's the beauty of photography isn't it?


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