January Hair Update

So it's been two weeks since I hennaed my hair.  I usually wash my hair every weekend, but last weekend I was sick and so I'm just getting to it this week.  I haven't had any styles since I hennaed; I've just worn it in big cornrows underneath a scarf and a hat.  So this weekend was the tell-all story.

Due to time constraints, I did a deep conditioning treatment first.  (I literally had conditioner on for about 6 hours while I ran all my errands and such before I had a chance to actually wash my hair.)  Then I washed my hair with an ayurvedic shampoo bar I purchased from the Indian grocers.  I skipped my other steps and just rubbed in some hair milk, added some Vatika Coconut oil and twisted it up.  You know how much my hair shrinks when wet so I was surprised how light and airy my hair was with just the simple wash.  I love that shampoo bar.  Maybe less is more.

immediately after washing with the shampoo bar

the same hair piece just stretched to show length

a little Vatika oil added and twisted

the same twist pulled down

complete head of chunky twists
(not the kind of twists I wear outdoors - lol)

I will admit that working with my hair takes time, but I love learning what works for it.  With that being said, I am now interested in getting some more extension twists.  I just got referred to another natural hair specialist and I'm interested in doing a consult with them.  We shall see....

Oh, in case you're curious about how that style turned out...

the next day...
 untwisted with a little of almond oil on my fingertips

and of course, this is me...
(let's see if I can make this style work for a few days)

Until then,


  1. Your hair looks great! This style really brings out your facial features! ~Val

  2. your hair looks so pretty Libby! It takes me such a long time to work with my hair too (most days I wear a scarf). Keep us updated about your visit to the natural hair specialist.
    glad you are feeling better!


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