Hanging Out with Kids and Etsy Love

It's great to be able to borrow your friend's kids.  Especially when their kids are super cool.  So after work today I went over my friend's house and her kids tried on the fish hat.  It fit perfectly on the 5-year old so I updated my Etsy listing to reflect that.

5-year olds are unpredictable and funny!

We looked in the mirror.

Made funny faces.


And smiled some more.

Then I had a little helper keeping up with my lens cap...

...and letting me borrow his room and his old crib.  He'll be two tomorrow and is getting a bunk bed!  

(Ripple blanket for my Etsy shop.)

Again, friends with kids are cool.  Looking forward to some good times with them and their sibling-on-the-way.


  1. Your photos are better and better everytime I check your blog or your flicrk! Please teach me? ;-)

    About friends with kids... I can't agree with you. My friends' children are just newborn to 3 years old and leave me exhausted. lol
    And partents don't like my handmade stuff! Please exchange friends? ;-)

  2. Supercute kids - and gorgeous hat!

  3. How fun Libby! And to have such great little helpers is awesome.

  4. such cute models (:
    love the hat and the blanket!


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