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Recently I entered a giveaway on 2sistasthatknit's blog and guess what?  You got it.  I was one of the three winners.  I had no idea what the yarn would look like, but I knew in my heart that it would be beautiful.  And it is.

(Plus I got a knitting calendar and some chocolates. Yum Yum.)

I've been aching to try a henna treatment.  I purchased some Nupur henna at an Indian store over the Christmas holidays and finally got the guts (and time) to do it.  I read that henna was really messy, but I didn't have that problem.  Trust me though; I took precautions and covered everything in the bathroom and wore plastic gloves.  The gloves are not optional.

My biggest concern was making sure that my hair would not turn to the color of the henna.  I asked probably every Indian person I knew before trying this and they assured me since my hair was dark I wouldn't have any problems, but I was still a bit skeptical.

So why did I henna?  As a protein strengthening process, but naturally.  I took a few pictures for you.  Not the best; they are from my camera phone.  I also didn't want to take any chances with henna getting on or in my camera.  What you will notice, besides how much my hair shrinks when wet, is that all of my gray hairs turned a coppery color.  Very interesting....

70 g of henna mixed with 1/2 cup hot water, 1/2 humectant conditioner, 1/2 cup cholesterol.  
After letting it sit overnight, I mixed in some Vatika coconut oil.

(before sitting in for about 2 1/2 hrs.)
See why I was concerned?
It's amazing how your face looks different when your hair is a different color.

(after rinsing out the henna)
See those gray hairs?  Yeah, an indigo treatment might be my next step.  Who knows.

So what else is new?  I'm working on two new designs.  I want to finish them really soon so I can get more ideas out of my head and into the yarns.  :-)


  1. Wow! Very interesting about the henna.....I think that color is gonna be great! Yes, we were back to school until this moment....6inches just got dumped on us and it's still coming down like crazy. They're expecting 9 to 12 in. before it's all over.....Snow day...again.

  2. Congratulations on your win! I've never tried henna on my hair. I'm curious now because the smell of hair coloring makes me concerned since it is so chemically! ~Val

  3. I was very interested in the henna ... and to be honest I didnt notice any grey hairs :) Im so happy that you won a give away - no better person!!

  4. The yarn you won is gorgeous! We have been both so lucky lately it makes me think about our 'connection' across the ocean. ;-)
    Your hair projects are always very interesting to me. Henna! I thought it was just used to tatoo hands and feet for Moroccan weddings.

  5. @ Caroline: Wow, more snow! We're still making up days. Gotta go again this Saturday too.

    @ Miss Val: I've seen some beautiful colors created by henna if your hair is lighter than black of course. :-)

    @ Nina: You're so kind!

    @ Alhana: There are two kinds of henna. One that is body art quality and the other. From my understanding, if you have chemically treated hair already you should only use body art quality henna. Otherwise, you should use the regular kind like I did. And yes, I was also thinking of you and your recent yarn presents. :-)

  6. I live a mile from this great Indian grocery and i've been so curious about henna. Was it difficult to rinse out?

  7. @ Julia: No, it wasn't terribly difficult to wash out. I think this is because of adding those conditioners in there. When you rinse, you allow the water to do all the work. I also kept checking the water to make sure it rinsed clean. Then I shampooed with an ayurvedic shampoo bar (also purchased at the Indian grocer) and did a deep conditioner afterwards.

  8. I just started reading about henna so it's nice to see what your experience is. I too have some grays that need to go away. I don't know though, how it will take on locs. I've read that the more you henna, the darker your hair will get over time, so maybe you shouldn't give up on it just yet.


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