A Few of My Favorite Things

as seen in Flickr:

1. in the corner, 2. done, 3. lamps, 4. kente fabric, 5. crochet, 6. drinks, 7. Syncopation: all done, 8. the ends, 9. 小兔子CousCous, 10. red scarf, 11. ebay pictures 182, 12. Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigan, 13. Poached pears with pastry, 14. Autumn Sweater Coat, Front, 15. Natural Hair Accessories Headband Brown Autumn Flowers, 16. Strawberries, 17. almofada nova, 18. Yum., 19. per non passare inosservato, 20. Grey XL cowl, 21. BaBY GiRL sHOeS, 22. Gulf Fritillary On Lantana, 23. thumb!, 24. Bolsa... com ela vou colorindo a semana!!!, 25. two-peas-in-a-pod, 26. 133/365 New patio plant, 27. Fresh green bag, 28. i'm walking!, 29. BeBENL bag (tas) nr. 11, 30. Haitian girl, 31. a Cup of Tea and a Slice of Cake, please***, 32. _MG_9434, 33. Job's Tears aka Coix Seeds, 34. Colors, 35. Ghanzi, 36. Q-Tips

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