Comfort and Joy

Don't you just love comfort foods?  We've had snow flurries off and on today and the wind factor has a bite to it, so today my mom and I both decided to make a soup.  She opted for a chicken soup and I opted for a lentil soup (recipes/photos to come).  When we do that, we split our soups and share.  Her soup was finished first so I was able to enjoy it while mine was still cooking.

I decided to put my mom's chicken soup in a handmade bowl I purchased from my Aunt Cynthia of Enthusiasm Pottery.  I've had this bowl since some time in 2010, but never showed it to you.  It's truly amazing and worthy of this hearty soup.


For Christmas, this same aunt sent me two bud vases made especially for me.  It warms my heart so!


  1. Libby you always find a way to stay warm and make me hungry! LOL! I love the third shot btw. Stay warm!!!

  2. soup sounds so good right now! We just finished up that chili today-maybe a good pot of soup should be next.
    love the bowl and bud vases, beautiful work!


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