Capturing the Moment

It doesn't snow here very often, usually twice a year and only for a day or so.  On the first day, I'm usually so glad to be indoors that I don't even go out to even touch the snow - so not like when you're a kid, right?  Day one is a cleaning, napping, or craft day.  On day two I usually grab my camera and go out to capture something in my yard because I know the snow will be short-lived and I don't want to miss capturing the "snow season."  Well, it's day three here and I hadn't been out until today.

Looking out the door and window a couple of times I noticed that the sleet that fell for like 1 1/2 days after the snow cast a dangerously beautiful sheen over the entire ground and all the trees.  So, I had to go out.  All bundled up with my camera strapped around my neck I carefully made my way to the back yard and captured a few images.  I knew it was time to go in when the wind started blowing and pieces of ice started falling from everywhere.  I wanted to check out the front yard, but it so was not going to happen.

What do you think?  Notecard worthy?


  1. Very nice!!! I LOVE the look of tree icicles...oh ps - I tagged you in a post on my blog today!

  2. Yes, notecard worthy. Love it. Such good shots ♥

  3. I think they would look great on notecards!

  4. i think you are truly artistic!

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  5. These are beautiful shots Libby! I especially like the ones with the 'ice-berries'.


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