Noro #242

One of my Ravelry friends asked if I could find and post a listing on Etsy for Noro Kureyon yarn #242.  I know how it is to need a particular yarn and can't have/find it (thanks, Ale!) so I was thrilled when I was able to locate this yarn during my birthday travels.

The last time I even turned on my DSLR was at the last family reunion for the summer (hello Daddy's side of the family....I promise I'll get those pics up as soon as I can).  So today I was glad to be able to photograph this beautiful Noro yarn.

A Year of Celebration

34 years ago, today, I was born!  On each birthday I feel something different.  Today I felt a sense of happiness, gratitude for being alive, none of that "woe is me" stuff I have sometimes felt on this day in the past.  I wanted to share a little of my day.  Usually on my birthday I spend it with my parents sharing a meal that my mom cooked especially for me or we go out to a restaurant of my choosing.  This time it was different (we'll have to do our traditional thing later) because I traveled to the capital and spent the eve of my birthday and half of my birthday there with my aunt and cousin.

On Friday evening I traveled to a wonderful yarn shop for the first time - Hillsborough Yarns.  I fell in love with the coziness that this shop had to offer.  Nooks and crannies of the loveliest yarns, and the most wonderful saleswoman/shop owner(I'm assuming).  Honestly, I could live there.  And, my fellow readers, I was a good girl!  I bought what I came to get and nothing else.  Just ask.  :-)

Friday night, I spent with my aunt and cousin and their little poodle Sammy who is officially confused because he is now shaven and doesn't know what to do with himself until his curly fur comes back.  I think he might be depressed.

Saturday morning, my cousin and I went to Pro Hair Salon, a Dominican Salon in the capital city.  I had been there once before and she goes there a lot now.  Yes, I got my hair straightened!  I walked in with my wooly mane and walked out with silky strands.  My hair feels very light on my head.  It's been a long while since it felt that way.  Miguelina, the salon owner, truly lives up to her reputation.  I found this shop over a year ago on a Dominican Hair Care blog.  My purpose in straightening my hair:  To get a good trim AND to do a length check.  Yes, folks, today marks my one year anniversary.  Do you remember this date last year?  I walked into a salon and had them chop off all my permed ends.  It's supposed to rain this week so who knows how long this "straight" hair will last.  A little moisture and my afro is back!

After leaving the salon, on my way home I stopped by Great Yarns, another yarn shop in the area.  I have gone to this store a few times when I'm in town and I always love how helpful and friendly the staff has been.  Plus, they have really great buttons.  Again, I was a good girl and got only what was on the list.

Before I got to my house, I stopped by my parents and received a very special card from them and a promise (on a sticky note) to help me fix up one room in my house for my birthday and Christmas combined!  They specified which room and I'm not telling until it's done.  Before and after pictures for sure!!!!

And now that I'm finally home, I could open the special package from Spain that has been sitting on my dining room table for days now.  I've been wondering what was inside and now I know:

 The loveliest dish towel with recipe, a cookbook of Spanish tapas and dishes written in English, a postcard showing her scenic vistas
Fabric with the smocking already made at the top so I can sew and hem it to make a gorgeous skirt.  My apologies again for these camera phone images that don't show the true beauty of this fabric color

Thanks, Alhana!  My sister separated by one huge ocean!  ¡Mil gracĂ­as mi hermana, mi amiga!

Shout Out!

Today, two of my pieces from my Etsy shop were featured on the Etsy Artists Of Color blog!  Thanks, EAOC for the shout out.  :-)  Feel free to check it out, and also check out Yetunde's shop and blog.  She's got some beautiful pieces.  Thanks, EAOC!

Clicking this image will take you to the EAOC post.

New Etsy Banner

Inspired by the "Espresso" Treasury, I decided to create a new banner for my Etsy shop for this fall/winter season.

I've been learning a little about Photoshop as I go.  What do you think?

Another Versatile Blogger Award Comes My Way

I was recently awarded another Versatile Blogger Award.  Thanks, CiCi for thinking of me.

Now I am trying to think of 7 more tidbits about myself:
  1. Cheese (thanks, Cici for the idea).  Cheese is good, but when we were kids my mom always thought cheese was so expensive so she bought it sparingly.  My brother and I would sneak pieces of cheese at night and hoped she couldn't tell, but as he is left handed and a bit of an uneven cutter, our thievery was always detected.  lol
  2. I always wanted a big sister.
  3. I lived in the same house with my parents for 28 years before moving on my own....across the street!
  4. My ears are not pierced.
  5. My birthday is in one week!
  6. I love meeting new people.
  7. The last movie I remember seeing in the theater was "Ratatouille".  Oh my goodness, I need to get out more!  lol
Now I'm passing this award on to some fellow bloggers in no particular order:
  1. Kar
  2. Alhana
  3. Monique
  4. Pam
  5. Gloria
  6. Caroline
In order to accept this Award: 
  1. Thank the person who gave you this award
  2. Share 7 things  not known about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to who you think are fantastic for whatever reason! (in no particular order…) 
  4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

The Crafting Bug Continues...

So, this year, I'm working with a younger group of students. As always at the beginning of the year I share a bit about myself, so the entire group knows that I love crafting (crochet to be more specific). Whenever I have something on that even looks crafted, they ask, "Did you make that?" But when they asked did I make the grosgrain ribbon, I quickly admitted, "No, I just cut a piece off the roll." Then I did a little inside giggle.

Well, one of my students has brought in some of her mother's crocheted items for the past two days and I wanted to share them with you. I can't wait to meet the woman behind this beautiful handiwork.




Grosgrain to the Rescue

Time is limited, even for hair.  Today I didn't even have time for a protective style, so I unbraided my four french braids (that I do at night) and pulled them apart to cover the parts in my head.  I opted for a "wild" afro today.  What was my quick accessory?  A piece of leopard print grosgrain ribbon!

(I see two gray hairs...Maybe I will try a henna treatment after all.)

My point and shoot camera is officially kaputz!  Part of the shutter won't go back into the camera like it's supposed to so I have to hold it down with my finger, which means you see a piece of my finger in e.v.e.r.y. shot.  Did I also mention that you have to shake it to see the LCD screen?  I'm using my cellphone now for quick snap shots.  I'll probably use my DSLR only for the "official" pics I post for my Zenfolio account and for Etsy.  Boo hoo.

Mini Green Pouring Bowls

They're here!  Happy Friday, everyone!  Now back to my celebration...they're here!  I ordered a set of miniature ceramic pouring bowls from fellow EAOC team member and blog friend, Shevon Gant of and they arrived today.  I had been looking at these bowls from quite some time on her blog.  Then one day they disappeared and I thought it was over.  However, I spotted them again recently and decided I had to get them.  And I'm so glad I did.

I can't wait to try them out for pre-measuring kitchen ingredients before cooking or baking.  Thanks, Shevon, for such a wonderfully handmade set and for my beautiful ceramic magnets.

Check out her website:
or her blog:
or her Etsy shop

Another New Style

I was catching up on one of my hair blogs,, and I inadvertently stumbled across this video.  I had to try it, not with the suggested products but with what I had.

I will admit that I purchased some ECO styler gel, the olive oil kind, because I keep hearing about it and I wanted to make the flat twists last longer.  I should have bought a rat tail comb while I was at it.  Clearly, without it, I can't part straight to save my life!


I wore the back in flat twists with a hair clip I made to cover up the little tails of my twists.  Then today I decided to untwist the back and see what would happen.  Overall I'm pretty satisfied with this style.  For me I think making bigger twists in the back and doing my normal twistout instead of the flat twist twistout would work better for my hair type.  I will definitely wear this style again.

But all this twisting, untwisting, hair exploration is making my crafty genes agitated a bit.  Now I want to dabble a little in hair accessories that are not necessarily crocheted.  More to come....

 * please excuse these camera phone photos.  lol