Brite Baby Ripple Blanket

As mentioned before, the baby ripple is complete and as of today, in the shop!  It was fun working on this blanket simply because of the colors.  They were quite motivating to say the least.  Double-stranded throughout, this medium-sized blanket is quite cozy.  I say with this blanket, you can enjoy spring with the warmth of winter.  At 40" x 42", this blanket can be used for a baby, small child or as an adult lapghan or throw.  It's whatever suits your need.  :-)  And now the pictures you've been waiting for:



* p.s. My yarn stash is now a wee bit lighter.  :-)

The Glass Slippers

You've got to check these out.  Kaati has the cutest glass slippers I've ever seen.  I love the fabrics and the whole concept.  Kaati has several listings of various slipper sets and also offers to reserve listings.  Don't hesitate and miss out on these hot items!

Clicking the image will link you to Kaati's shop.

Guess What?

The Baby Ripple is complete!  (Well, I do have to snip some woven ends on the back, but still...)  Yay!!!!  Off to work now.  :-)

Fingerless Gloves

It all started when the art teacher at work showed me some super cool fingerless gloves a friend of hers gave her for Christmas.  They were the neatest things.  I had been admiring other people's gloves before online, but never seriously looked at a pattern to make.  Definitely not knitted ones.  So when I saw my coworker's gloves, live and in-person, I decided to make a go for it.  Tonight I finished up the second glove, and I love the pair.  The color is sapphire, which is my birthstone.  No, they're not perfect, but it's a start.  Where did I find the pattern?  On YouTube.  It was a video.  If you're interested in this simple pattern, go here

Ok, you know these aren't my hands.  A coworker friend and I took another coworker out for ice cream for her birthday.  She was gracious enough to let me photograph my gloves on her.  :-)

Collards and Kale

I'm a Southern girl.  I grew up on collard greens with pork, be it ham bones, hog jowl, fat back, or skins.  Pork and greens were the only match.  Then somewhere it got said that that wasn't healthy.  So, then it was collards and smoked turkey parts, preferably the leg.  Even still family was known to put a dab of bacon drippings in there.  Yeah, now we know that's trans fats. 

Pulling away from something you know can be difficult, especially when the flavor you remember is what your taste buds expect.  I've seen many recipes of vegetables cooked without pork or meat, but they always appeared like hospital food or not fully cooked.  But thanks to my friend, Nichole, tonight I have experienced greens without pork or meat.  No, not a vegetarian dish because of the presence of chicken broth, but no meat nonetheless.

Collards and Kale
Her recipe:
Saute an onion in olive oil.  Add cleaned greens and enough chicken broth and a little water to cover.  Season with black pepper, crushed red pepper, salt, garlic, and a little apple cider vinegar.  When the greens have cooked down, simmer until done.

My modifications:
When I completed this dish, I put some chicken broth in the pot with the greens, but waited until the greens began to cook down before adding water or any of the other ingredients.  If you've cooked greens before, you know that having a lot at the beginning means nothing.  You're like, "Where did my greens go?"  So that's why I waited.  Also, I also added a pinch of sugar.  According to my mother, anything that needs salt also needs a pinch of sugar and vice versa, regardless of what the recipe requires.

What will I do differently next time?
I'll put the kale in first because sometimes it takes a bit longer to cook.  Other than that, nothing!

Thanks again, Nichole!  I'll be trying this again.  :-)

One Down, One to Go!

Last night I was browsing some knitting instructions online and stumbled across a video on making fingerless gloves.  Ready to try something new, I jumped at this opportunity.  Still trying to improve my stitches, but glad to make something with more than one stitch!  Here's one of my fingerless gloves.  Who knew I would ever make my own glove?  :-)

Experimenting with B&W

and a little more...



EAOC Featured Artist

I'm a member of an amazing Etsy Street Team:  Etsy Artists of Color.  Our featured artist for today is Merci'a G. of

She offers recycled accessories that are made with laminated snack, candy and drink wrappers. In her store you'll find purses, clutches, belts and other funky yet fun recycled goods. To read more of this interview, visit: Please stop by and show Merci'a G your love!

10 Things That Make Me Happy


Sometimes life happens.  We get swept up in the chaos and lose sight on the simple things.  For me, this award is just a wee reminder to be thankful for the simple things that make me happy.  Thank you, Cici, for sending me this award and this life reminder.

10 Things That Make Me Happy
  1. Smiling faces.
  2. Fathers spending time with their kids, doing something constructive.
  3. Unexpected phone calls or emails from people I don't usually hear from.  You know, just because.
  4. Handwritten letters.
  5. Crocheting.
  6. Feeling appreciated.
  7. A kind deed.
  8. A quiet afternoon.
  9. Photographing nature.
  10. Hearing about what makes you happy.  :-)
I'm passing this award along to all of you.  Thank you for being such loyal, caring followers.  

To participate, here's how it works:
1. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
2. List who gave the award to you and use a link to her blog (or hyperlink).
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Pass the award on to other bloggers and visit their blog to let them know!


A Promise is a Promise

I promised you more pictures of the neckwarmer and I aim to keep my promise.  Now, initially I thought the neckwarmer would be on my neck, but three students decided today that the neckwarmer was better on their necks!  I looked around in my cart and didn't see it; then glanced up and saw it on a kid!  "It's so warm," they said...  (It reminded me of when I always thought my mom's things were better...her slippers, her dresses, her bed.  :-)  Ahhh, to be a kid.


Wham Bam (No) Thank You Lamb

It's finished!  It's official.  Today I sewed the seam to this neckwarmer so now it's officially complete.  It was a very simple pattern - just what I needed.  This also was my first experience using such a chunky yarn.  It sure makes for a quick knit.  For all you Ravelry folks, this pattern is the "Wham Bam Thank You Lamb" (Rav link).  However, my version is called the "Wham Bam (No) Thank You Lamb" (Rav link) since I used Lion Brand's Homespun 100% acrylic yarn.  (Alhana, your mom would probably cringe at the size of these needles and this yarn!)

I wish I had better pictures to show you today but the sun was already setting and it was too cold outside to play around with more camera settings.  I'll play around with some better pictures later, but for now, here's my neckwarmer:

Also, Happy Valentine's Day to All!

Snow Day 2010

So today I went out and had fun in the snow.  No, not playing really, but I had fun with my camera.  If you recall the last snow/ice day, I spent it all indoors crocheting.  Here are just a couple of pics to commemorate this day.  If you want to see the rest, check out my post here

Then of!

Don't you think I could be the sister of that kid off of Fat Albert?  You know the one I'm talking about.  "Hey, hey, hey!"  :-)

 * The hat came from one of my students.  He brought it back for me from a recent trip to Texas.  I asked for a postcard, he brought me a hat!

Yeah, I had fun! And, I only have 3 more inches to knit on my project, then sew a seam and wear it proudly. Can't wait to show you!!!

Happy Snow Day,

In My Backyard

I love the cozy feeling indoors when it snows.   So, I missed the last snow...technically.  Then, I only felt like crocheting, and that's what I did.  Last night it started snowing and I only felt like knitting, and that's what I did.  This morning, as soon as my feet hit the floor, I felt like grabbing my camera and going out in the snow, and you guessed it - that's what I did!  (So you see, sometimes you really do get to do what you want. lol)

My backyard isn't fancy.  In fact, at first or even second glance, it's pretty plain and boring.  But, I love looking for the beauty among the ordinary.  Every season has something special to offer.  However, in the winter, when or if it snows, it amazes me how some brush or object that I see everyday instantly becomes appealing.  I gave myself an hour outdoors today to see what I could find.  And this is it:

first I saw...
and then I saw...

next, the camera saw...

but in the end, I saw...


What's a girl to do next?  You'll have to wait and see!
Happy Snow,

EAOC Treasury: Bold Beautiful

This is one of the newest treasuries from the members of the Etsy Artists of Color Street Team.  I absolutely love the rich tone and mood this collection evokes.  Feel free to check out these artists' works.  Meanwhile, I'm going out to enjoy the snow!

To view the treasury, click on the image above or on this link

Happy Crafting,

Off the Hook and On the Needle

So I started another project. This is out of character for me because I never have more than two WIPs.  But, due to the yarn diet, I can't help it.  When yarn runs out, I run to another project.  This time, it's a knitting project and it's for me.  It had been so long since the last knit that it took forever to remember how to cast on, but I finally got something arranged and I moved on.  (I was out of town and no where near a computer at the time.)  The project is 50% done and I couldn't be happier.  I'm using a super chunky yarn so naturally it's moving along faster, but I'm proud that  my stitches have improved.  Too bad I can't fix that cast-on row, but that's okay.  I hope to be finished shortly.

Yes, I'm still crocheting the blanket.  Surprisingly the yarn still hasn't run out, but I see the purple nearing it's end.  Since it's the first color in each new section and used the most, I've been almost holding my breath and then getting all giddy when there's enough to keep going because I know then that I can finish that entire section.  I probably look ridiculous doing so or even talking about it, but interestingly enough it doesn't matter because anybody reading this post understands.  lol