Recounting Christmas 2010

This year Christmas came on a Saturday, so for the first time in a long while, I actually woke up on Christmas Day at my grandma's house.  We (the parents, brother, SIL, and myself) drove in on Christmas Eve, stopping and snacking at every house of family members along the way.  Eventually we reached the small town where my grandma lives.  The town that doesn't even have a stop light!  Nevertheless, there's no place like grandma's.

There are a few things that WILL happen at grandma's on any holiday, but definitely Christmas:
  1. There will be food, but here lately she's given that to her kids to do.
  2. My uncle will cook almost everything.  Surprisingly though, he shared the kitchen with my mom this year.
  3. People will rotate seating all day.  Her house is small so if you get up, your seat is for grabs.
  4. Photo albums will be looked at.
  5. Pictures will be taken.
  6. My mom and grandma will argue that they can't take good pictures and then they brace themselves to take it anyways.  No matter how many you take of them, they won't be satisfied until they look at them in print sometime later.
  7. You will join hands in a circle to say grace.
  8. There will be music.  Probably that same cassette tape from long ago.  Probably quartet music, but music nonetheless.
Now here's a short slideshow recounting the day at Grandma's....


  1. Hey Libby, this looks like very cozy and love filled day with lots of good food and memories. You're a blessing to your family for taking the time to capture some of these on film. On a side note now you've got me hungry!!!


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