Preparing for the Fair

I'm busy preparing for the upcoming craft fair every chance I get.  I don't have too much time to make new things, but I'm finishing up the older items already in stock.  That means weaving in loose ends, etc.  I also received an email stating that Christmas decorations were to be brought so I'm not sure if that means tables should be displayed with Christmas decor.  That's what I'm assuming so I'm looking through the stash to see what I have; hence the Christmas plaid table cloth.  Remember those thrifted Christmas decorations from last year?

I'm still looking to borrow from someone a traditional coat hanger with the wooden pegs so that I can display bags and purses.  My dad's convinced he can make me one by Friday, but it's really no need.  His heart is in the right place though.  Something will turn up.  Plus I have to consider that I'm the only one packing and unpacking all this stuff.  You know I'm taking Desiree, and she's a handful.

Anyways, this weekend I started laying items out on my craft table to get an idea of what I had and how to arrange.  Now I'm so thankful to have a craft table that has a center fold!

Here's some of what I have:

I also finished up the hat I was working on.  It's got earflaps and a waist-length scarf attached.  I'm going to put my notes on my Ravelry page.  So far, this is my favorite hat.  I'll definitely make more of these.  Great use for scrap yarn.

Yes my friends, this hat was completely made from pre-existing yarns (i.e. navy blue and white - from that navy/white baby blanket, orange - Ana Luz's lapghan, light blue - that polka dotted scarf).  I have ideas!!!!

Now I'm working on a table runner....

Oh yeah, almost forgot.  Some time ago, I ordered some satin labels to go inside of my custom designs.  I ordered them from all the way from Paris (via Etsy) and they got here before I knew it.  I also ordered some more business cards from a different company this time (  Loving the new color scheme.  :-)


  1. You have been one busy girl Libby. I really love the blue hat! That turned out great! And the colors are FAB on it. I think your cards are bright and cheery. Nice job with those.


  2. So exciting!
    The craft fair I know is going to be lots of fun, wish I was there to shop(:

  3. That looks great! Enjoy the craft fair!!

  4. Good luck, Libby!
    Love the new cards, they look really awesome!

  5. t is sooo fun getting a peek at your table, BTW looks great! I absolutely love the earflap hat;scarf. Just saw one at Target for $20, yours is cuter!!!!

  6. I love the hat with the attached scarf! So cool! Good luck with the upcoming fair. The plaid tablecloth is perfect! ~Val


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